Ken Sines

Outreach Specialist, Pennsylvania CareerLink/United Labor Agency

Ken Sines

Ken Sines is a multi-talented man with a history of success. And when we say multi-talented, we really mean it.

Ken has achieved record-breaking success while writing for local magazines and not only this, he increased the readership of the firm he worked with.

Following his success in writing, he started working as an activities director in order to pursue his passion for sports. He directed events and extracurricular activities. Next, he joined South University as the Assistant Director of Admissions, where he assisted students and helped them go through the admission process smoothly.

Ken is currently serving as an outreach specialist at Pennsylvania CareerLink/ United Labor Agency. He has proven his abilities as a writer, team leader, organizer, and sports coach.


Ken Sines has been providing consultancy service in the following areas.

  • Business management
  • Business development
  • Strategic relations


Ken Sines likes to speak at the conferences for business relations and aspects.

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Outreach Specialist, Pennsylvania CareerLink/United Labor Agency Ken Sine…